Exhibition | From Mississippi: Another Look At Our Artistic Heritage

From Mississippi: Another Look At Our Artistic Heritage

December 22, 2017 – April 19, 2018

Sanderson, Christian, and Foil Galleries

In celebration of the bicentennial of Mississippi’s statehood, works by Mississippians in the LRMA permanent collection are on view in this exhibition featuring 70 works of art by 30 different artists. Included in the show are Walter Anderson, Marie Hull, Mildred and Kar lWolfe, Theora Hamblett, Bess Dawson, William Hollingsworth, William Dunlap, Dusti Bongé, Andrew Bucci, and Maltby Sykes, among others.


In 1994, the Museum presented a similar exhibition entitled From Mississippi: A Look At Our Artistic Heritage and featured an essay by Mississippi artist and professor Malcolm M. Norwood. Norwood celebrated the legacy and heritage of those artists in our state that came before and those working today and the importance of their work to be shown in museums for future generations. He wrote that Mississippi artists should “make our work as meaningful as possible to continue the tradition that has preceded us, and make the world ‘beat a path to our door’ to see what we have said through our art. Art may well be the best tourist attraction that we have in Mississippi.”

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